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Agriculture App

Optimize your farming


15 days


Responsive web application

My Role:

UX research and Visual design




Farming is a challenging journey, where success depends on weather and market conditions. This app assists farmers in growing better crops and selling them at competitive prices. It also provides access to quality farming products and valuable information.

Problem Statement

Farmers often lack access to crucial information about weather forecasts, market prices, pest control, and best agricultural practices. Digital platforms can provide real-time data and insights through mobile apps, SMS services, or online portals, enabling farmers to make informed decisions.

1. Inefficient Resource Management

2. Supply Chain Inefficiencies

3. Market Access and Fair Pricing

4. Lack of Financial Access

5.Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

Overall, digital transformation in agriculture has the potential to increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainability while improving the livelihoods of farmers and enhancing food security.


This is key objectives to create this app and make a business out of this app.

- Information about government schemes
- When to start seedling crops and what kind of crops to grow.
- Farmers call center access
- Customer support
- Farming equipment

- Budgeting calculator for crops.

- Crops wise categorization.
- Regional language support.
- Latest news and farming information.
- Events

Target audience: Indian rural farmers                                                         Age group: 20 to 55

User Persona


Name: Rajesh Patil
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Location: Rural village in Maharashtra, India
Occupation: Farmer

Patil manages his family farm, growing Sugarcane, Onion, and vegetables. He's learned farming practices from his parents and has limited formal education, but he's skilled in agriculture. Rajesh's main aim is to boost farm productivity and support his family.


  1. Limited access to information

2. Financial constraints

3. Technological literacy

4. Infrastructure limitations

Needs and Goals

Increase Farm Productivity:

Rajesh wants to enhance crop yields and reduce costs without compromising quality.

Access to Information:

He struggles with limited internet access but values staying informed about weather forecasts, market prices, and best practices.

Simplify Farm Management:

Rajesh finds it hard to manage tasks like planting and irrigation efficiently.

Financial Stability:

He faces financial constraints and needs access to credit and insurance.

User-Friendly Technology:

Rajesh prefers simple, easy-to-use solutions.

Digital Agriculture Product Preferences:
Rajesh needs a mobile-friendly app in Hindi or his local language.

By understanding Rajesh Patel's background, challenges, goals, and preferences, I have design a farming app that meets his needs and empowers him to overcome obstacles, improve his income, and achieve steady growth in agriculture.

competitive analysis

There are multiple applications in market which are providing different fetchers for farming industry. I have analyzed our competitors to ensure that this application exceeds industry standards.

Features covered by this apps

  • Online store

  • Discursion forum 

  • Soil Testing & Health Card

  • Information about Seed, Fertilizers & Pesticides

  • Market Access

  • AI based Analytics


  • Make money by selling farming product and services.

  • Help users make better decisions

  • Improve traffic on application.


I have created a wireframe after conducting initial research and understanding.


Through conducting research, I developed wireframes and created a prototype.

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