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Incident Reporting App

A smart application to build safe and strong work culture

Problem Statement

Develop a mobile and web application:

To achieve the goals of this project, it is essential to develop a user-friendly mobile and web application that allows employees to report incidents, both positive and negative.

Anonymous reporting:

The application should have an anonymous reporting feature that allows employees to report incidents without fear of retaliation or discrimination.

Incident tracking:

The application should allow employees to track the status and history of their previously logged incidents, including any updates or resolutions.

Withdrawal of complaints:

The application should allow employees to withdraw their complaints if they wish to do so.

Add people to logged incidents:

The application should allow users to add people to their logged incidents, including witnesses or others involved in the incident.

Attach images and video:

The application should allow users to attach images and videos to their incident reports, providing additional context and evidence.

Customer journey


Portrait of Smiling Woman


Sarah Jones

Job Title

Human Resources Manager




Large Corporation


Sarah is caring and easy to talk to, and she believes in open and honest communication. She loves solving problems and making sure everyone feels important. Sarah is super organized and loves using technology to make her work better and faster.


Sarah has been working in HR for over five years and recently started at a large corporation. She is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive workplace culture where employees feel valued and heard.


1. Ensure that all employees feel safe and supported in the workplace.

2. Create a transparent and effective system for reporting incidents.

3. Address any concerns or conflicts in a timely and effective manner.

Pain Points

1. Concerns raised by employees may not always be addressed in a timely manner.

2. Employees may be hesitant to report incidents due to fear of retaliation or a lack of anonymity. 


Sarah is motivated by creating a positive workplace culture and ensuring that all employees feel safe and supported. She is dedicated to her role in HR and is always looking for ways to improve and streamline processes to better serve employees.



Sarah is proactive in addressing employee concerns and resolving conflicts. She's open to feedback and strives to enhance the employee experience. With a strong organizational approach.

For Sarah, an ideal incidents reporting app should be:

1. Easy to use,

2. Allow anonymous reporting,

3. Offer clear reporting channels.

4. Features like adding images and videos to reports and tracking report statuses would be beneficial.

5. Anonymity should be a priority to encourage more employees to report incidents without fear of reprisal.

User flow


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