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Travel Expenses

A platform that makes managing expenses effortless and smart.



1 month


Responsive web application

My Role:

UX research and Visual design


Travel and Finance 


This product Idea came from a stockholder. They wanted a seamless solution that manage expense records, travel history, report approval/rejection, and disbursements. They wanted initially a web application hybrid (MVP product) so that later on they could build it into a mobile responsive app.

Problem Statement

Reimbursing travel amounts is difficult. The process of submitting, approving, and reimbursing travel expenses can be time-consuming, error-prone, and may lack transparency. To address these issues, there is a need for a strong Travel Expense Management App that streamlines the entire process, enhances accuracy, reduces administrative burden, and provides real-time insights into travel expenditures.

1.Entering data manually,

Key Problem

2.Managing Receipts,

3.Approving workflow,

4.Reporting and tracking in real time

5.Currency conversion,

6.Accessibility on mobile,

7.Security issues


This app aims to make managing and tracking business expenses during travel more efficient and streamlined. The app seeks to improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, benefiting both individual corporate travelers and the entire organization.

Efficient Expense Submission

Cost Control

Policy Compliance

Enhanced Accuracy

Automated Approval Workflows

Real-time Visibility

User-Friendly Interface

Stakeholder interview questions

User Needs and Requirements:

1. User Groups: Who are the primary users of the Travel Expense app, and what are their specific needs and challenges?
2. Must-Have Features: What features do you consider essential for the success of the app, from both a user and organizational perspective?
3. How to manage expenses record while traveling? What process they considering?
4. Expense report Submission process?
5. Terms of functionality?

According Google

Business travel statistics

How many corporate people travel for business?

airline's passengers are made up of corporate travelers. 


airline travel profit is made by business travelers. 


hotel guests are work travelers.


competitive analysis

The next step is competitive analysis. A competitive analysis is important because it helps to analyze the current gaps in the market. It helped me to understand how to enhance features for my product.

Empathy Map

Identifying User’s Behaviour

User Persona

Through research, I discovered that this application has 4 user types.

1. Submitter, 2. Manager, 3. Auditor, 4. Financer 


Through research, I discovered that this application has 4 user types.


Through conducting research, I developed wireframes and created a prototype.

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